Consignment Terms and Conditions

By sending your items to Sprout Collection you agree that Sprout Collection will purchase your item(s) outright for 25% of our suggested sales price, which will be paid out as a credit on your Sprout account.  For example:  If we price an item at $100 you would receive $25 of credit applied to your Sprout account immediately.
Sprout Collection shall retain 50% of the amount collected from all items taken on consignment.  For example:  If we price an item at $100 the payout would be:

Days Listed

Price of Item

Your Payout

0-29 Days









After 90

Removed from Site


I understand my share is 50% of the final selling price for items sold within the 90 day consignment period.  Items will be accepted for a 90 day consignment period, starting from the day that they are placed on the website. 

Merchandise will be offered for sale for the first 29 days at our retail price.  On the 30th day of listing the price of the item will be reduced by 25%.  On the 60th day of listing your item will be reduced another 25%.  After 90 days your item will be removed from our website.  Sprout Collection has the right to offer any special pricing, at any time the item is for sale.

Sprout Collection assumes no liability for loss, damage to or destruction of any item consigned.  WE DO NOT PROVIDE INSURANCE.

Consignor represents and warrants that it is the sole owner of the item(s) and said items are free and clear of any liens or encumbrances.  Said representation amounts to a warranty of title from the Consignor to the Consignee and Consignee's customers.

Consignor is responsible for shipping and return of their items.  Consignor will have 7 days to pick up unsold items after the consignment period has expired.  It is the consignor's responsibility to keep track of when the consignment term ends and to retrieve unsold items within seven business days.  Sprout Collection reserves the right to donate or sell as store-owned merchandise any items unsold and unclaimed 97 days from the date of consignment.

ALL ITEM(S) MUST BE IN EXCELLENT stain, rip, odor, and clean condition!  IT IS THE STORES SOLE DISCRETION TO DECLINE ITEMS that do not meet our standards, even after receiving formal acceptance. 

Pricing will be established by Sprout Collection staff, based on many variables, such as salability, style, brand, condition, desirability and point of sale.   As a guideline, consignment pricing is approximately 1/3 of the original price, it can be higher or lower based on the above variables.  Pricing will be established based on fair market value based on the research of our team of appraisers.  Items accepted for consignment remain the property of Sprout Collection until sold.  ANY RECLAIMED ITEMS, prior to the end of the contract, WILL BE CHARGED 25% (CASH) of the original set price. 

I give permission to Sprout Collection to list and sell my items in their consignment retail store.  Sprout Collection will set the prices for my items and these prices will be discounted to a maximum of 75% in the final month of the agreed consignment period.  Sprout Collection is being hired on my behalf to get the most amount of inventory sold throughout the sale period and will price items accordingly in order to make them sell.  There will be no minimums on items and Sprout Collection has the right to price items at their discretion in order to get them sold.  I warrant that I am the rightful owner of all items being offered for sale or I have all legal rights to dispose of these items in any manner.  My portion of the sale proceeds will be paid to me on the 20th of the following month for items sold in the previous month (or otherwise discussed).  I agree not to remove, sell, or give away any items that are to be part of the sale after signing this contract.  If any item needs to be removed, sold, given away, or withdrawn from the consignment agreement after this contract is signed, without receiving permission from Sprout Collection, I understand I will be responsible for paying 25% of the original set price of the item(s) as determined by Sprout Collection. Such determination is to be based upon the usual selling price of these items in a typical sale.  I understand that the items listed above under “Items for sale” shall be offered for sale.  After signing this Agreement, Sprout Collection will begin to advertise your items (as per the start period).  By sending my items to Sprout Collection, I agree to abide by all terms and conditions as contained herein.  I agree that this Consignment Sale Contract has been fully explained to me by a representative of Sprout Collection, and I fully understand and agree to its terms and conditions.