Our Story

Welcome to Sprout!

Did you know that 80% of discarded clothing ends up in landfills around the world, including donated clothing.  I started Sprout Collection in 2018 to help reduce clothing waste and it has since grown into Canada's largest fashion subscription rental service! 

But we're not done yet, Sprout Collection is branching out into Consignment to ensure that your pre-loved pieces find a new home!  We hope you'll join us in revolutionizing the way we think about consumption!

XX Joyce

Who is the Sprout Woman?

The Sprout Woman is bold and unafraid.

She is confident, empowered, and effortless.

She’s free to choose, free to express her individuality.

She chooses quality. She chooses sustainability.

She is re-thinking the way she shops and consumes. She is revolutionary.


Joyce Lim, Sprout Collection Founder