The Sustainable
Fashion Movement

The fashion industry is the biggest polluter in the world behind big oil and gas. Let’s change the way we think about and consume fashion. Mother Earth (and your wallet) will thank you.


Once we take our garments out of rental circulation, we extend the lifecycle of our clothing by offering them for sale.


The average woman tosses 80 lbs of clothing annually and only wears 1/3 of her closet! Why not rent items you’d only wear a few times. More sharing of clothes means less clothing waste.


Rent more, buy less. Every time you rent via our rental platform, you are helping to reduce demand for fast fashion and the amount of natural resources used for textile production.

1800 gallons of water. That’s how much water you’re saving every time you purchase or rent one pre-loved pair of jeans.

$2000. That’s how much the average woman spends on fast fashion. Why pay retail price for fast fashion when you can buy high quality pre-loved items at substantial savings?

3.3 billion tons. That’s the amount of CO2 equivalents generated by the apparel industry annually. Slow down textile production by decreasing consumption and participating in a circular economy. This also helps reduce the amount of clothing in landfills.